Re: inflatable torroid


 Was interested to note your comment about the lack of inner tubes in USA. Try
looking at forklifts, or 10.00 X 20 truck tyres, i.e. any demountable rim that
uses a "split-ring" to secure the rim together - by definition they must use
tubes if thats what your looking for.


 Robin Copini in OZ.

Tesla List wrote:

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> Terry,
> There is a picture of something much like this at Grand Junquetion (my local
> surplus). I was talking to one of the guys behind the counter there and he
> said that one of the larger coils he had a picture of used an inflatable
> inertube, like the kind people use to float around on in swimming pools. This
> was wrapped with alluminum foil or alluminum tape, I can't recall which, but
> in the picture there didn't seem to be any problems and the coil was throwing
> off some great sparks.
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