Re: Sync 200BPS improvement, (short post !)

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 PS. I tried sims for many uneven spaced electrodes at high BPS,  and
     got poor power factor.  Seems to agree with your findings John ?
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I missed this PS before when I read your post.  Yes, this does agree
with what I saw using the sync gap at high BPS (at least I know it
drew a lot of current, these were old tests before I was monitoring
the wattage and power factor).  Thanks for this (sim) verification.  
With a non -sync gap, at high BPS, with unequal spacings, I 
obtained basically the
same result as with equal spacings.  But some of the sparks appeared
more bolt-like, and seemed to reach out stronger at times.  I should
mention that the non-sync, high BPS operation wasn't very efficient
in any case though.  I think maybe non-sync operation ruins the power
factor in general? (due to the chaotic and unstable inductive kicking
and bucking)    :)

John Freau