Quick and dirty capacitors

I am looking for a way to construct a capacitor who's capacitance I would 
have SOME rough idea about. I've been shooting in the dark too long with 
vast arrays of glass bottles. Could somebody tell me a somewhat quick and 
inexpensive way to make a capatitor out of, say, aluminum foil and wax 
paper? Or, if somebody knows the exact capacitance of a specific type/brand 
of bottle, could they please tell me? I realize I can measure the bottle 
myself - yeah, with an accuarcy of +/- 50%. Not good enough. So if anyone 
knows roughly the exact capacitance of a certain brand of bottle, PLEASE 
tell be. I'd appreciate it a WHOLE lot. Thanks.

-Yuri Markov
Whose wrist is very sore from hand winding three pound of magnet wire

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