Re: Auzzie coilers

Hi Michael,
There aren't many of us but I am in Melbourne.
Attached (see below) is a picture of my first coil I recently finished.
Powered by 3 neon sign transformers giving 15kv 120ma.
When you say terrible results, could you describe exactly what is happening?

When I first fired up my coil I couldn't get more than a 1 cm corona off a
nail attached to the toriod.
The coil was just out of tune.
If you are more than 1 turn out on your primary  tuning you probably won't
get anything either!

I used wintesla to calculate my coil and it worked out very well. I think
you can find it in the Tesla archives.
Anyway let me some details and I will try to help.
Kind regards,
David Hosking.
Pharmacist,Tesla coiler,Amateur Scientist, Pyrotechnician,Nerd & Weird Guy.

"Be very careful what you put into your brain
 because you  will never get it out again."

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>Original Poster: "Michael Burton" <mickb15-at-ozemail-dot-com.au>
>Hi, I've just got a few quick questions....
>    Are there any/many coilers from Australia on this list (other to me?)
>and/or are there any Australian teslathons or stuff like that??
>    How can I tell if my coil is over coupled or under coupled?
>I'm running a 4.25" coil with a 30 degree primary on 1350VA and am getting
>terrible results after tweaking everything from the caps to the ground
>could over coupling be a major factor here???