Re: Success with Audio modulation of a VTTC

I believe you will have much better performance if you reverse the
transformer windings - the 2.5v to your audio amplifier and the 115v to
your 833 grids.  Should give a much better impedance match and will require
much less audio drive power.

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> Subject: Success with Audio modulation of a VTTC
> Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 5:51 AM
> Original Poster: David Trimmell <davidt-at-pond-dot-net> 
> Hello all,
> Well I have finally attempted to modulate the grid of my tube coil with a
> audio signal, and have found that it is not as difficult as I originally
> thought. I am using my 12 mH 3 inch coil driven by two 833A's with
> DC to the plates, it will put out about 4+ inches of flame-like
> I am modulating the grid by using a small, 115V pri, 2.5V -at- 10 Amp sec,
> transformer as the "audio" transformer. I placed the 2.5V secondary in
> series with the grid leak coil and the grid, then fed the 115V primary
> the output of a old tuner amp.
> David Trimmell