MMC Caps


I've now sent off 1150 caps and 300 resistors - the
UK bulk order most of them have arrived - apart
from the parcel now sailing off to New Zealand.

I've completed my own board - 10 strings of 9 caps.
(0.047uF, 1500V,)
Mike Tucknott came up on Sunday and we set up
in the church hall, we were using the coil that I ran
at the UK Teslathon but we replaced my 2" by 18"
toroid with Mike's 6" by 36" toriod and the spark
length grew from 30" to 50". 8kV 250mA xformer.

This was with the existing old caps (0.067uF).
We then did a cap transplant - putting in the
new board - the arcs were still bright - a little
shorter because the capacitance had dropped from 
0.067 to 0.052. We did several runs - no noticable
warming in the caps.  

I built a new toriod today 4" by 24" , I've left some
of my equipment up at the church - next week I'm
on holiday and the organisations have stopped
for the summer. So I'll try out the toroid and 
add primary capacitance.

have fun

Alan Sharp (UK)