Re: Primary: flat or conical ?

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> Hi !
> What's better, a flat or a conical (30) primary ?
> regards!chris >>


Many factors.  For a small coil, it won't matter.  For a large coil, a
conical coil will have more problems with the sparks reaching down
and striking the primary.  Overall though, it's probably best to go with
the flat primary.  I'm using a 15 degree cone now, and I certainly
would not use a sharper angle.  If I was to build a new TC, I would
probably use the flat primary.  In any case 30 degrees is pretty
extreme, but you can get away with it at low power, or possibly if 
the secondary is tall and narrow and you have a wide toroid which
helps to project the sparks outward, etc.

John Freau