Re: MOT's for sale, or advise for a MOT

> Well, anywasy, just to make sure it's normal, it has 
> 2  output wires coming out of the center, I was told these are not the
> but rather the output to power a lightbulb or soemthing. 

Those power the filament of the magnetron (tube) in the oven. They are
insulated from ground for several thousand volts, and often share a common
terminal with the HV terminal.

> there are two other wires coming out of 
> the primary windings (input),

Right you are..

> and the case and this wire coming out of the 
> top is the  HV terminal (right?)
You got it... 

> Then the  microwave also came with a 2400vAC .85uF capacitor. 

That cap is used in a voltage doubler to make HV for the tube... There was
probably also a HV diode in the circuit.  Usually, that cap has a fairly
high value resistor across it (internal to the can) to bleed the voltage
down when you turn the oven off for safety.

Circuit looks like:
T                                                           I
T-------------------------------------------I               I
                                             |              |
T- - - - - - CAP ------------------------- FFF-------
T                             I                 Cathode
T                             |
T                           HV                Magnetron
T                          diode
T                            V
T                             I                  Anode 
T                             I                     I

TTT is transformer winding (top one is fil winding at 5-6 V, bottom is HV
winding at 2-3kV)