MOT's for sale, or advise for a MOT

Hey all,
	I was looking for something to help me out with these problems. I was 
told at 
every HV page I can recall that a MOT will trip my breaker when I hook it up 
short it, well it doesn't, it makes a nice jacob's ladder. I was told this 
advise form the 
former owner of the MOT. Well, anywasy, just to make sure it's normal, it has 
output wires coming out of the center, I was told these are not the input, 
but rather 
the output to power a lightbulb or soemthing. there are two other wires 
coming out of 
the primary windings (input), and the case and this wire coming out of the 
top is the 
HV terminal (right?) Ok, all I do is hook up the wires, then to a variac and 
ladder and it makes nice HOT arcs about 6" long at the top (considering the 
distance). When I hook it up to a capacitor bank of SW caps, it makes a 1" 
VERY HOT, and it melted a clotheshanger in maybe 2 seconds. Then the 
also came with a 2400vAC .85uF capacitor. I hooked up that capacitor and I 
got a 
1/2" HOT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT arc. So then I had this idea to use that gap and cap 
MOT for my coil. All I did was hook up one side of the gap to my coil and the 
side of my coil to the capacitor (the way I had my old coil set up, but new 
stuff) and i didn't even get one spark, not even 1/4, nuthin! Well, I will 
have many of these MOT's coming my way, so if I get advise, I'll sell 
"Cartman" -yes i named him (the MOT)- and my capacitor and find another 
broken microwave. I'll be gone for like 4 weeks, so when I come back, I'll 
read my personal mail, and then sell/trade/read...ect.

Too much Ozone <cough>