Re: High voltage resistors

Build em yourself with a string of 10Meg 2W carbon resistors..... Figure
the rating at 1000V per resistor to be conservative. 

Or, call C&H Sales in Pasadena CA.. I think they have a bunch of 1000Meg HV

New, this kind of thing will set you back well over $50 each.

BTW, in a voltage divider, all you care is that the ratio remain the same,
so, you could use something like black auto vacuum tubing, which is
slightly conductive due to the carbon black.

If you are thinking about measuring any sort of transient or something
other than 60 Hz, then you should know that it is very tricky, because the
parasitic capacitance is a significant problem... WIth such high
impedances, it doesn't take much C to completely swamp the R.

For RF measurements, a capacitive divider is probably a better bet.

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> Subject: High voltage resistors
> Date: Saturday, July 17, 1999 5:12 AM
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> Hi,
> Does anyone know of a source of new high voltage (30+ KV) , 125 Mohm
> resistors or any high voltage any Mohm resistors in general.  I will
> only need about 4 for my purposes.  I'm building a voltmeter to measure
> the output of my pig.  I know I could use a neon transformer or similar
> but would rather not have the bulk of a transformer.  Also,  my maximum
> voltage would be more limited with a transformer
> -- Dave Euans