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Sodium chloride --- common household table salt.  Morton's is a large
company that produces table salt.



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Subject: Morton Salt

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>Hello Coilbuilders,
>This is a cry for Help ! Can Anybody give me the formula of Mortons Salt ?
>I am new to this group and still constructing my Tesla-Coil. I decided to
>everything myself because it is cheaper.
>I also decided to build the capacitors myself. I chose a saltwater-design.
>salt which is used is supposed to be "Mortons-Salt".
>I have no idea at all what Mortons Salt is. As I live in Germany I must
>the German name for it, but I could find no explanation at all in any of my
>If somone can give me the formula, or the name according to the UIPAC
>standards, I will know what it is, and I will be able to detemine the
>name for it. Thanks in advance,
>Regards, Erik.