Re: Archive Repost - How to bring a dead NST back to life

At 11:50 AM 7/14/99 -0600, Tesla List wrote:
>Original Poster: FutureT-at-aol-dot-com 
>Much was posted on this subject some time ago.  It works in some
>cases.  I  have had absolutely no luck with the method.  It seems to
>work best with tar that does not contain a filler material, such as the
>non-Jefferson ones.  I have mostly Jeffersons.  I autopsied some of
>these dead Jeffersons and the secondaries were burned.  This is 
>another reason these could not be revived.
>John Freau

Hi John,

I have two NST's - a 15kv 60ma Allanson and a 15kv 60ma 

Based on Gary's Weaver's experiments with cooking the NST's, this 
_should_ work on these two particular units. It helps to read the past 
archives as I wouldn't have known about this method. I don't look
forward to repotting a unit so if I can try this -and- it works, that's
great. It will save me oodles of time.



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