Project THOR: status update

Hello everybody.

Just a few words about the status of my project.

As maybe some of you recall, the idea was to build a DC powered TC: that
included the design and construction of a 20 kV, 20 kW switching power supply

At June beginning I had a functional prototype of the SMPS capable of
charging a
0.1 uF capacitor to 2 kV in 0.5 milliseconds. This was a single module fed with
230 VAC. With four modules fed with 400 VAC I plan to charge the same capacitor
to about 20 kV in 0.5 ms.

I am now in the process of designing a PCB for each part of the SMPS
+ 4 modules + other stuff). It will be housed in a standard 19" sized rack. I
must design  a total of 4 PCBs  100 x 160 cm, double sided.

The controller PCB is ready. I'm now starting with the power module PCB.