Cap question(s)

Hello list.

I am building an 8" coil with a 11kV, 5kVA pole transformer. I have
finished most of the work but haven't sorted out the primary capacitor for
this system.

I have 20 new 0.1uF, 5kV glassmike caps which I planned to use for this
project, but I have been offered (for money) a good pair of used 0.06uF,
40kVDC Maxwell pulse caps. What, if any, difference in performance should I
expect between similarly configured caps in an otherwise identical system? 

Of course the glassmikes will be slightly lossy and probably get warm
during a run, and the Maxwells would have a lower ESL and ESR, but will
this alter the real world performance of the coil?


Gavin Hubbard

P.S. When designing a reso cap system, many people simply calculate the
impedance of the NST from output V and I, then assume its reactive and
build a matched cap. I've always wondered what the actual impedance of the
NST is...surely with hundreds of metres of wire in the secondary it must
have a large resistive component?