RE: Ground rods and vegetation

Gary: not all that unusual. Copper is actually a rather effective plant
poison. You may have skewered a major root branch, and as a result have been
poisoning the poor foliage.

I've not had any trouble with my petunias, but they are rather shallow
Michael Baumann
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> Outside of my garage where I do my coiling is a row of
> rhododendron bushes.
> About a foot beside one of them is where I have driven my single 8 foot
> ground rod.  This rod has been there for a little over a year now
> and I run
> my coil on average perhaps 5 minutes per month.  I always soak the soil
> prior to running the coil.   And this bush, and only this bush is
> just about
> dead.  Has anyone else observed dying vegetation near ground systems?
> Regards, Gary Lau
> Waltham, MA USA