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Hi Michael and All,

MMC = Many Mini Capacitors
    = Multiple Mini Capacitors

This is basically just using around 100+ small high voltage poly caps put
together in series and parallel to produce a single high voltage high
current cap useful in Tesla coils.  It has many advantages such as cost,
ease of construction, availability of parts, and it can be built to be very

EMMC = Enhanced Multiple Mini Cap
     = Experimental Multi Mini Cap

This one uses as few as possible mini caps that are run over their voltage
and current ratings.  Hopefully, such a cap would give acceptable life and
save a lot of money over a truly well designed cap.

EEMMC = Experimental Enhanced Multi Mini Cap

This is a cap that may have very few mini caps in it.  It is basically used
for destructive testing.  Sort of a test bed to determine what failure
modes MMCs can fail in and to study the characteristics of those failures.

LTR = Larger Than Resonant  

A cap or Tesla coil system that uses large value caps (~2x) than would
normally be used in a current limited transformer Tesla coil.  My LTR coil
uses a 28nF cap with a single 15kV/60mA transformer.  LTR coils do not
stress the neon transformers but can produce much more output power.  They
need rotary sync gaps to operate properly.

IK = Inductive Kick

The effect LTR coils use to charge large value caps with relatively low
current transformers.

Hopefully that covers the recent acronyms...



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