Re: HV Arc Resistance

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<<  Forgetting all the sync effects, I have been
> going for as few gaps as possible with very close spacing and not worrying

> much about quenching.  My rotary arcs about 1/4 inch before the gaps align
> so the quenching should be very poor.  Yet my systems does not seem to mind
> that as long as the primary resistance is lowered.

Terry, all,

I also run with sync gaps and very close electrode spacing.  I find that
the quenching can be excellent (first or second notch quenching) in this
design, as long as strong streamers are being produced.  The
quenching benefits from the heavy spark loading.  The quenching gets
worse (3rd, 4th, or 5th notch) as the power input is reduced (because
the sparks load the system less).  My system may quench a little
easier because I tend to use numerous primary turns, but I haven't
really compared this with a system that uses fewer primary turns.

I agree that quenching quality is not overly important, but my system
does quench well.

John Freau
>  Cheers,
> 	Terry >>