Re: Run a 120v variac on 240???

Hi Grayson,

	I have a overload vs time graph of how much and how long you can overload
a variac and how long you need to let it cool down afterwards.  It is
posted at:


This chart is a generic one that Powerstat puts out but it should basically
apply to all.



At 01:51 AM 7/11/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Okay, on a similar, but opposite, note, how many amps, at 120V 60Hz,
>could a 220V 10A 50Hz variac handle? At a 2200VA rating, I would think at
>least 20A, but the the 50Hz rating will allow it to carry even more
>current at 60Hz, won't it?
>I have two, and might like to gang them to control a potential
>transformer or small pig in the future...
>This is an interesting variac...
>nameplate reads:
>Variatore Di Tensione
>(lic. General Radio Co.)
>Ing. S. & Dr. Guido Belotti
>Piazzo Trento 8- Milano
>I don't speak Italian, but I can guess what most of that means.
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