Re: Run a 120v variac on 240???

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<< Hi everyone,
>     I got to thinking again, shame on me, and thought what would
> happen if I ran my 120v 20A Powerstat on 240v. It's rated at 2500va
> so that would limit me to 240v -at- 10A. There is probably some reason
> that I can't think of right now why this can't be done.  >>


If you apply 240 volts to a 120 volt powerstat, the core will saturate,
and the unit will draw too much current and heat up, and probably
burn up.  (I've never actually tried it, and I don't intend to.)  For a 
core size, there can't be over a certain amount of volts per turn.  For a
given core size, a 240 volt variac is built with a greater number of turns
to take care of this.  This applies to any transformer, and explains why
you can't apply 240 volts to a 120 volt NST (for example).  (not without
toasting it anyway).

John Freau