Re: genetic programming

	I do computational dna research in a labratory that belongs
to Cal Tech.  We have recently been granted access to a large multiprocessor
computer on the Cal Tech campus.  It will be some months yet before
I am familiar with all the bells and whistles.  First I have to figure out
how to make it do the stuff we need it for.  After that I may have some
time left over for tinkering.
	I'll let you know


>Original Poster: BAREN01-at-aol-dot-com
>	I was watching a video that MIT sent me (to advertise thier new book
>"genetic programming III") where they devised a way to use genetic programmig
>to design circuitry.  The impressive thing was that they had used this
>program to design circuitry that infringed on, and in some cases improved
>earlier patents on circuitry, such as high pass filters and low pass filters.
>	It was all very intersting, and it occured that this could be very
>usefull in designing primary circuitry, or power supply.  I was wondering if
>any one had ever tried this or concidered this.  I doubt that any one has,
>unless they hapen to go to MIT or U of I.  Particularly because most of the
>problems were run of a "beawolf cluster computer" that operates at 5 gigahz,
>which I doubt any one on the list has (price tag $15,000).  But hey, it's
>worth checking, hey, maybe someone's into programming.
>	Ramsey Barghouti
>	BAREN01-at-aol-dot-com