RE: Camera Shots

You need a camera with manual aperture and shutter speed control.  Any
attempt at an automatic exposure will fail.  For small-medium size coils, I
recommend 200 speed film or faster.  With 200 film, an aperture of /f 2.8
works well.  Shutter speeds of 1-8 seconds, depending on the effect you're
after.  Generally no flash is required as the spark gap puts out plenty of

Forget about using a Polaroid, you need manual control and their print
contrast is terrible.

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA
>Original Poster: "Andy Cleary" <gemware2-at-dreamscape-dot-com> 

>I have been trying to take photos of my Tesla coil for some time now, but
>they never come out.  I tried twice using a Polaroid in the dark.  One
>picture came out totally black, and the one with a flash came out OK, but
>you can't see the discharges (my coil is weak).  Recently I tried it with a
>nice new Ricoh camera, with shutter speed of 2 secs..  One picture came out
>completely grayish dark, and in the other you could see the spark gap
>illuminations but only about 1/2 inch of discharge.  I am not sure why my
>pictures always fail.  I have looked through previous posts, but they don't
>seem to help.  Any suggestions as to light settings, film, speed, etc.?
>Thank you,
>Andy C.