Re: Variable Transformers for Sale


I had just about forgotten about these.  The ones that you did not
get prices on yet are probably Powerstat 1256's based on the ratings.
With a list price of about $900 per section and your dealer's 50% or so
discount off new list, that would be $450 per section.  That is about
3 times too high.  Around $150 would be towards the upper end of a
good price.  I have seen them for $100 each a few times, but they
were always already sold when I asked about them.

For what it is worth, my suggestion would be to wait a while, and if
this guy hasn't found a sucker to by them at the prices he wants, he
may become more reasonable.

Jim Monte

>Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 19:00:53 -0600
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Variable Transformers For Sale
>Original Poster: gweaver <gweaver-at-earthlink-dot-net>
>I finally got prices on the variacs (variable transformers) from the guy at
>the salvage store.  Took me about a month and about 15 phone calls.
>The guy did his home work before giving me prices.  He found out that a
>variac costs $680.00 NEW so he wants $300.00 each for his.
>He has 1 single unit, 2 two gang units with 2 variacs in parallel, 4 three
>gang units with 3 variacs in parallel and 1 six gang unit with 6 variacs in
>parallel.  These are all single phase units.
>1. One variac rated 0-115 VAC input, 0-135 VAC output 45 amps = $300.00
>2. Two variacs in parallel rated 0-120 VAC input, 0-145 VAC output, 100
>amps.  He has two of these units.  $600.00 each.
>3.  Three variacs in parallel rated 0-240 VAC input, 0-280 VAC output, 28
>amps each.  He has 4 of these units.  Not for sale yet.
>4.  Six variacs in parallel rated 0-240 VAC input, 0-280 VAC output, 28 amps
>each.  He has 1 of these units.  Not for sale yet.
>I have not been able to get part numbers.  The guy says if I want part
>numbers I should come to his place and get them off the units myself.
>The guy thinks he has a gold mine here.  He offered all the variable
>transformers to several mail order surplus salvage companies for $5000.00
>last week.  They all turned him down on the offer, now he is willing to sell
>them to someone else.
>I beleive the 2 gang unit rated 0-120 vac 100 amps could be connected in
>series to get 0-240 vac 100 amps.
>I am not sure if this is a good deal.  R&D Electronics has a variable
>tranformer on page 19 for $195.00  Its a 2 gang rated 0-240/280 vac 22 amps
>plus shipping.
>If anyone is interested in any of this stuff let me know.  You can deal
>direct with the guy that has this stuff call 1-615-893-0542. Ask for Russell
>or Tom.
>Gary Weaver