Re: UK MMC bulk order


I've just picked up 1350 caps from RS - they were in stock no problem.
Ive just counted them into everyone's order - they are bagged in 5's -
they were correct except that there was one loose single cap at the bottom
of the box. Those who have ordered the caps contact me OFF LIST with
your snail mail address and I'll get them out to you. Once I've sent of a
then I can let the rest know what the pp will be. You are very welcome if
want to come for your caps. Mike Tucknott is planning to come up
from Swindon - if are near Mike connact him off list 

Just a note on your resistors.  1/2 watt resistors typically have a voltage
rating of only 350 volts.  You are really pushing it with 1600 volts across
it!  It would be better to use 4 or 5 in series to prevent breakdown which
could result in overvoltaging the other caps in your string.


I don't know about Deano butI'm using 1/2 watt metal 
glazed resistors which are rated for 2500VAC,
they are more expensive - 11p (15c) but easier than creating sub strings of
resistors for every cap in a string. 

Deano's result confirmed my decision to use resistors. I think I could have
a bit of money, by using strings made of two caps and a resistor in
It would have halved the resistors required and it would not be as
vulnerable to
a catastrophic failure as it would if I interlimked all the caps and used a
resistor. Alex also gave himself a shock from an undischarged capacitor
in a MMC.

I have mounted my caps and resistors on a pcb, not least because I picked
some large boards 10" * 15" very cheap at a hamfest, It took about an
to drill and paint the boards. using axial caps means that I have about 3cm
between tracks for every row. I agree its not as versitile.