Big heavy poly cap

To all 
	Just finished putting my capacitor together. Horizontal plate type in 
oil, works great at 50% duty (6 kV) although its big and heavy. But I'm not 
telling anyone here anything new. It's made of Polyethylene Terephtalate 
(PET) plastic sheets. 8 sheets totaling 1.03 mm or .315"for
you old inch people like me. I was half way thinking of going the MMC path 
like many others,
(thanks Alan Sharp for all the great info on R.S. ordering numbers on those 
caps). But since my Father is the one who cut all the plastic for me a year 
ago I didn't feel like telling him that I was going to scrap the project and 
go to MMC's. Anyway I'm the one who ironed all these 590 sheets flat on both 
sides...So now for all my brain numbing questions.
	I'm now trying to work all the air bubbles out of the plastic by 
mechanical agitation and
slow pulsing with D.C. current. Now I have noticed a few things. The way I 
charge and discharge the cap is with a half wave D.C. power supply and a 
slowly rotating plastic cup with two brass strips on the sides. This charge 
and discharge goes on all day in the garage while I'm working on other 
things. Now when the brass strip charges with a spark, it makes a bouncing 
sound, as the discharge makes only a loud POP since it has no coil to "ring" 
through? The coil
on the charge side being the 2ndary of the power supply? The charging sound 
is like a steel ball bearing hitting on a hard cement floor. You can also 
hear and feel it in the cap also. (The cap is on a wooden table. I'm not 
touching the cap of course) Is this right? 
	I am still on vacation for this 4th of July week, so have to wait to 
get to work to put the whole thing into the vacuum chamber.
TNX- Denis Despins