If you want your own custom circuit boards, found one for free.

The installation is a little tricky.  This is what I had to do to get it all
to work.  Once I uploaded all 7 disks, I had to put the installation exe
file on my desktop.  It went through disk one just fine.  But, once I
selected the second file but, it quit, and wouldn't except disk 2 because,
the extension is wrong from the site for disk 2.  Just close the setup
program, because first it unzips the files, then it places them into
directories, and renames extensions but, only after it finds the last file
on the last disk.  Place in the next disk in order, this a must, and you
will have repeat the process of starting and stopping the setup program 6
times, and in order.  When the setup exe gets to the end of the last disk,
it scans for all of the files that go with the first 5, then is starts
renaming, and placing the files into the folders that corresponds with the
directories, and paths that the program itself uses, and when it's done, it
opens right up for you, and everything works.  I just got done testing it.
It took me a couple of tries to install this so called freeware but, since
they claimed to be reputable, and since they have several mirrors, I figured
it was worthwhile.  Well, after all of the trouble I went to, I was
surprised at how much was really there.  Since, the tesla club on an average
uses less then 256 pins on a circuit board due to the high voltage
relationships, you've really got it all for this kind of project.  So, if
you would like the traces for your circuit boards this is a good program for
this project, and for testing the software.