Re: MMC Design UK Bulk Order

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>Original Poster: Dave <dave-at-g7uvw.freeserve.co.uk> 
>Cheers to all who answered my last question! Just one more......
>Would the axial caps be easier to use than the other (what is the word
>i'm thinking of?) types?

radial. Radials in nice rectangular cases might be easier as you can
stack them on their backs, maybe glue together or sit them in a
'tray', and solder the pins together, making a nice rectangular block
shape. No need for a PC board

>I'm thinking that axial types have greater distance between leads, so
>less change of flashover.  Is this normally a problem?

Shouldn't be with the size of cap we're looking at - pin pitch will be
an inch or so,

>I am a bit wary of using these physically small caps when I have just
>been using 2.5 litre bottle caps & a donated and now sadly defunct
>maxwell cap.