Re: Transformr sources in the UK


I have a smallish stock of NST's, mainly 10kv 30ma jobs.  I generally
sell for 10 ukp.
Drop me a mail if you are interested.


Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "j" <lex-at-lexis.free-online.co.uk>
> Help!!!
> I'm not gettin very far trying to get hold of a transformer.
> I've had a couple of quotes from various companies ranging from 118 to 140
> GBP and one at 180! .One neon sign comapny claimed they didn't sell
> transformers to members of the public (??)
> I've seen American web sites where the xfmrs are much cheaper about 50 GBP
> but I guess shipping will bump that up.
> Can anyone help out? Got a spare to sell or know of a good source?
> Anyone with experience of shipping from US to UK?
> Thanks,
> Jon
> Jon-at-lexis.free-online.co.uk