Re: mmc calcs, K calcs and RSG electrodes

>  What would the effect be by varying the length of conducting surface,
> whereas on an end to end gap using my rods the maximum presented gap
> area would be the cross-sectional area of my rods. on the setup
> described above I could vary the 'gap area' by varying the length
> presented by the stationary electrodes but the 'presentation time' would
> be the same.
> Thanks in advance, sorry about the diagram hope it makes sense.
> Robin Copini. from Oz. >>


You can certainly build the gap that way if you prefer.  In most cases
I doubt you'll see any difference in the performance of the TC though.
But it's good to try things, and esp good to compare one method with
another.  But in general, presentation time won't make much difference,
in most set-ups.

John Freau