Re: MMC Design UK Bulk Order

Cheers to all who answered my last question! Just one more......

Would the axial caps be easier to use than the other (what is the word
i'm thinking of?) types?

I'm thinking that axial types have greater distance between leads, so
less change of flashover.  Is this normally a problem?
I am a bit wary of using these physically small caps when I have just
been using 2.5 litre bottle caps & a donated and now sadly defunct
maxwell cap.



> I've been doing some tests with the Axial 47nF, 1500V from LCR
> from Farnell its 5+ 46p, 25+ 0.40p 100+ 0.35p
> dv/dt 2000V/uS. A string of 4 alongside my 0.067uF cap withstood
> 8kV AC.