Copper Strap as primary circut wiring?

I just managed to pick up a bunch of copper strap/foil as scrap.
To wit, about 50ft of 1.25" wide, 1mil thick copper.

My first thought was to use this as my ground line, but then I remembered
seeing Terry's various experimental gaps, that all seem to use
copper foil for the connections.. so the question:
Would it be reasonable to use this strapping (possibly doubled or tripled)
as my tank wiring? Especially to buss my capacitors, and to hook the 
gap into the circut?

I use a lot of 1/4-20 brass hardware, so I could just use a hole punch
to open the mounting hole, and then route the strap as needed.


[as a side note, and as a puzzle to those that decree that oil increases
capacitance.  I just finished my latest plate cap. I calculated that the
cap should be 6.9 nf. When I assmbled the dry core, I measured 7.8nf. After
submerging in mineral oil, the cap now reads 7.25nf. What up with that? :) ]