Re: Now, How does a coil really work??

Tesla List wrote:

> One of the best, most thorough, and quite technical analysis of tuned
> resonant circuits is contained in some of the works by the Corum
> brothers. Since Smythe's book was mentioned, it should also be mentioned
> that James and Kenneth Corum discovered a mathematical error in Smythe's
> analysis of lossy tuned-coupled circuits. Their excellent, and more
> comprehensive, analysis of these deceptively simple systems is contained
> in TC Tutor.

You mean that 4th-order differential equation and its solution?
The obtention of the differential equation is a very trivial problem of 
circuit analysis.
The exact analytic solution can be calculated without great problems
(very easily with a symbolic analysis program), but is rather complex.
What is usually seen are approximations for low-loss cases, much
I implemented the exact solution in my TeslaSim program.
I have also derived the exact solution for a magnifier, but didn't
implement it directly in the program yet. This 6th-order system
has no analytic solution, but precise numerical solutions are easy
to obtain.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz