NBS equations, Circular C-74

I am now the owner of a copy of the NBS circular from the 30's. A tad
pricey from Global, but, it was quick... Reasonably good quality for a
photocopy from some microform original. Only a few pages that are less
readable (and some of the graphs are hard to read).

A wealth of information in there, which I have only just started to look
over. But, as the question of the accuracy of all these equations
floating around always comes up: The equations in the NBS circular are
accurate to 1 part in 1000, by and large (constants are given to 3
decimal places, etc.).

The whole thing is more than 300 pages long, but if anyone wants a copy,
they can email me. I'll do it for copying costs and mailing. (I have to
go and get a quote from Kinko's but it is probably about $15 for copying
and $3 for mailing).  The equations for C and L section is only a part
of the circular, and I'll figure out a useful subsection to copy.

Also, I will eventually get all the equations and references up on my
web page.
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