Re: Wal-mart poly


I have built a couple of small caps using this poly (5 sheets of 6 mil, 30
mil total). They work just fine at 5000 volts, but not 7000 volts. From now
on I'll probably use the "good" stuff for big jobs. I can get 60 mil 4x8
foot sheets for $18.50. That seems pretty reasonable. By the way, it is

Good luck on cap building,

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>Original Poster: "Grayson Dietrich" <greystone21-at-hotmail-dot-com>
>A while back someone posted about finding 6 mil poly sheets at
>Wal-mart, and someone replied, saying they had successfully used
>the same plastic in their caps. I checked at the local Wal-mart, and
>decided to buy two of the 4 mil 3foot by 50foot rolls, about $6.00
>for both, rather than an 8 dollar 6mil roll with 25' being its
>smallest dimension. Whoever you are, the one who used this sheeting,
>is it polyethylene? Or something else? I'd like to make several small
>caps, for use with 9000V 30ma, 12000V 60ma,  and 9000V 90ma. It
>bothers me somewhat when the corona on my salt water caps is almost
>more interesting than the secondary discharge ;-)
>Grayson Dietrich
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