Transformer Questions

I am really new at this tesla coil business and I have a few
questions/ideas about transformers, here they are:

What would be better, a 9KV-120mA NST, or a 15KV-72mA NST. So what is
more important, Amps or Volts?

Has anyone heard of or used an air capacitor? It is a bunch of sheet
metal squares stacked on top of each other, insulated from each other,
and then every other one is wired to in/out, +/-. Like this, 2-4-6-8
would be wired to live, 1-3-5-7 would be nuetral. All sheets are
spaced apart .75".

What would happen if you did not use a capacitor, while using a rotary
spark gap and the usual config.

Would I be able to wind a choke with some uninsulated 16 gauge wire?
Do I just have to keep it space apart, is there a equation for these?

Well thats all, thanks to anybody who replys/ responds!

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