Wal-mart poly

A while back someone posted about finding 6 mil poly sheets at
Wal-mart, and someone replied, saying they had successfully used
the same plastic in their caps. I checked at the local Wal-mart, and
decided to buy two of the 4 mil 3foot by 50foot rolls, about $6.00
for both, rather than an 8 dollar 6mil roll with 25' being its
smallest dimension. Whoever you are, the one who used this sheeting,
is it polyethylene? Or something else? I'd like to make several small
caps, for use with 9000V 30ma, 12000V 60ma,  and 9000V 90ma. It
bothers me somewhat when the corona on my salt water caps is almost
more interesting than the secondary discharge ;-)
Grayson Dietrich

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