Re: Running MOT coil with a marx bank primary cap

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> Subject: Running MOT coil with a marx bank primary cap
> Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 9:15 PM
> Original Poster: Corey Edmunds <corey-at-efni-dot-com> 
> Hi
> I got the idea a while back that it might be possible to 
> run a coil with a marx bank style primary cap.  Basically 
> a marx bank works by charging all the caps in parallel
> through inductors, then discharging them in series through
> spark gaps.
> If a multiple stage marx bank were used in the place of a
> regular capacitor, this would solve the problem with high 
> primary cap values and high currents.
> I have a schematic and explanation of an example I thought 
> up, its at http://www.efni-dot-com/~corey/marx.html.
> Comments?
A similar scheme has been used for generating very high voltage and very
fast pulses. A marx bank is used to hit an air cored pulse transformer. In
the one I saw in "Exploding Wires", (Plenum Press), the pulse transformer
was only 4:1 turns ratio and was about 2 meters in diameter. It would
probably work for a tesla coil type scheme. You'd have to address the issue
of repetition rate. Making a Marx bank with a fast rep rate is quite a
challenge.   When all is said and done, it is cheaper to go out and
buy/make a suitable single cap with a high enough voltage rating than it is
trying to get a whole raft of high voltage resistors, medium voltage caps,
spark gaps, etc.

Now, if you were going to hit the primary of the TC with voltages of say,
300 kV (rather than the more typical 30 kV), you might have something there
(aside from insulation problems).