Re: Wattmeter

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: David Sharpe <sccr4us-at-erols-dot-com>
> Terry, John, ALL
> The original wattmeter which I used was found in EDN magazine; October
> 14, 1994 edition, "Ideas for Design" segment titled Optical Isolator
> Computes Watts.  I immeditely recognized that this circuit could help
> stop the banter about my KVA is bigger than your kVA BS and cut to the
> chase with a parameter which is a primary measurement standard; POWER.

I searched the EDN Mag database and got this answer:

"    The following matches were found in the EDN Archives for the search on
    AND WATTS. The results are ordered with the closest match listed first.
Higher scores indicate better
    The search engine found 0 item(s) matching the search criteria"

Their database only goes back to Jan 1994.  Can you pls. give us more info?


> The circuits are in the public domain and are probably available by this
> tool (the interthingy).  All components are
> available at MCM or Digikey.
> Regards

you are probably right, ave, but I would like a bit more info: do you have a
diagram you could post?


Federico Price