Re: Active Regulation of DC Resonant Chargers

Forwarded by Marco Denicolai/MARTIS on 15.01.99
08:26 ---------------------------
>Sounds very clever.
>I know that you are in the business and you maybe are not willing to
>share every little particular of your results but...
>have you got a schematic of the De-Qing regulator or, at least, can you
>give me some references I can go and read to learn more about this
>This my TC is not for sale, it is for study. Of course, project plan 
>and results will be of public domain.

He-he-he... For the record, I am definitely *NOT* in the business
of making Tesla Coils; it's just that I simply can't refuse an offer
to design a machine that pushes any edge of TC parameter space!
(What good coiler could resist?)

As far as the requests that I receive over the web for TC's, I just
forward those on to folks like Bill Wysock, who has the know-how and
is already setup to produce museum-grade coils.  Meanwhile, I continue
the search for that crazy rich person/organization who wishes to build
the ALF.

Until then, my day job is quite sufficient.