Re: Sam Barros' Latest experiments:-)

>Original Poster: "D.C. Cox" <DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net> 
>The National type 7703 will hold off 20 kV (most up to 25 kV) and work 
>great ignitors for a cap discharge.  We use a 20 kV 50 MFD cap with 
them to
>blow up wires 10-12 feet long.  Trigger with a 2 MFD cap charged to 2.5 

I trig'd ignitrons quite easily with .5uf, 1500v. Spec from mullard data 
states 150v, 10amp pulse will trig all their ignitrons. ( and man do I 
wish I had 50uf / 20kv!)
>Another, less expensive, way to discharge your cap --- use a solenoid 
>move a ground ball approx 2 inches to make contact with the lower end 
>the charged wire.  Be sure to use a relay to disconnect charging power
>supply first so you don't blow your diodes.

Or you could use a med- high val or resistance in series with charging 
caps - limit charge current to caps to 1 -10 ma . Takes a little time to  
charge but there is a bit of isolation between psu & cct if something 
should go wrong


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