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<<     john,
>    along the same vein  has there  been any study on what occurs
>when the primay is located at different points along the secondary.
> e.g. usual placement at base verses midpoint of the secondary,ect.....
> robert cressler
> oregon city,ore


If the primary is placed at the midpoint, the coil sparks from both
ends if neither end of the secondary is grounded...so it becomes a half
wave coil.  If one end is left grounded, there's a high likelilhood of 
flashover from primary to secondary.  However, in tube coils, it is
possible to raise the primary a lot relative to the secondary, and it
has the effect of changing the tuning.  In fact this method can sometimes
be used to tune a tube coil that isn't tuned correctly.  Just raise the
primary until the spark is strong.  I haven't really explored the 
phenomenon, in fact it was a friend of mine who used the technique,
and told me about it quite a few years ago.

John Freau