Re: 15 KVA RSG price

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<< 1/2 horsepower motor, 3200 RPM 12" disk spinning ten electrodes.
> fully adjustabe with allen set screws for all electrodes, including realtime
> adjustable motor roll for
> getting synchronous phase and best phase matching quench results.


That's a great gap!  Are you sure it's a synchronous motor running
at 3200 rpm?  I would have expected it to be 3600 rpm.  How does
the motor roll work, is it a physical rotating of the motor?  The motor
runs at only one speed, correct?  If so, this gap will not only be able
to handle a lot of power, it will also demand a lot of power...unless you
remove some electrodes when working at lower powers, is that your
plan?  Or will you aim for full power always?  Is the rotor made from
epoxy laminate such as G10 or G11?  What are boots?

John Freau
> All HV conductors are elevated 4" off of the base by ceramic insulators.
> again, the picture is available here:
> http://members.aol-dot-com/cabbotttt/newRSG.jpg