A German Coiling List

Hello european coilers,

Since about October 1998 we have a small "daughter" of the Pupman List up and

I would like to do a little advertising for our list. It is (of course) open
to all coilers. 

To make things a little easier, this list is still unmoderated (we have 20
members at the time being). I am one of the organizers. 

The only requirement we have (this was not my decision, tho, as I grew up
bilingual) is that the mails (Q&A) be posted in german.

Aside from the normal coiling questions, we specificly discuss european
problems (like where the ##-at-!! do you get xformers for TC usage?, etc). 

We are planning to have a Teslathon sometime this year (probably in the
summer), too. Place and time will be posted on our site (see below).

For more information about us, have a look at:


Please note that "GTL" must be written in capital letters. Although this is
non HTML and internet conform, the ISP wants to have it this way.

Anyone who is interested in joining, can either fill out the form on the page
mentioned above or contact me (and the other "keepers" of the list) off list


Thanks (esp. to Terry for letting me use (t)his advertising space)
and coiler greets from germany,