Re: Proposal: Wattmeter project

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>Original Poster: FutureT-at-aol-dot-com 
>I think every coiler could benefit from having an electronic wattmeter
>that would accurately measure their TC input power.

No doubt

>The input current to a TC tends to be distorted which makes ordinary meters

Don't know what you mean here. You mean reflected power by inductive loads,
so the current read by a typical meter is higher than the actual current?

>My proposal is:
>Is there anyone on the list that enjoys building small electronic projects
>and would be willing to build a number of electronic wattmeters and
>offer them for sale for a reasonable price to other list members?

I might, depending on what liability issues I have to deal with.

>The perfect design for the wattmeter would be the one presented
>by and built by Dave Sharpe of the TCBOR some time ago.  It uses
>an optocoupler IC that costs about 15 cents or so, and a few other
>components.  It's a simple circuit overall.  (Dave, any objections?)

I don't know what you're refering to, and the list search engine is too
scary for me to attempt a search. Can you mail me Dave's spec's?