Re: Sam Barros' Latest experiments:-)

Hi folks...
I was mucking around with hotwire explosions etc a few years ago, and 
one of the best things for this instead of a spark gap is an ignitron. 
They are not perhaps too good for coil use as they are a bit slow to 
ionize, but even a smallone can hold off lots of kv ( someone was 
telling me that if you encased the entire top of one where the anode 
lead comes out you could get it to hold 20kv!) and they will just sit 
there until you trigger them  - at which point you can get pulses of 
10000 - 15000amps! to flow if your caps are suitably rated. This pulse 
current rating will not do any damage to the tube. I was triggering them 
with a 0.5uf cap charged to about 800 - 1000v thru a 2 ohm resistor . 
The cathode of these tubes are mercury and the whole thing is sealed in 
vacuum , so they will only really suffer damage electronically if you 
damage the ignitor or melt the anode with very long high current pulses 
( 10's of ms). The bonus of these tubes over a spark gap is that the 
discharge happens on cue - rather than when breakover point is reached 
at some stage, and the voltage drop is less - so more energy can be 
devoted to blowing something up...

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>Original Poster: Sam Barros <sambarros-at-yahoo-dot-com>=20
>Greetings Fellow Coilers!
> Yep, it's me again... You probably remember my latest posting about a
>High-Power Double Car Ignition Coil Driver which used two coils in
>anti-parallel and could create arcs up to 10cm in length. I didn't
>receive a whole lot of response on it and some of the few responses I
>got were from people doubting the fact that it was outputting 1.1kW
>and whereabouts. Hopefully that is cleared out now.
> Well, I =93teamed up=94 with another soon-to-become Coiler called
>Reinars. He's on the list, but, like 95% of all users he seems to be
> Sam Barros,
> "The Less You Know, The Better You Sleep"...
> "Evolution Stops When Stupidity Is No Longer Fatal"
> "If At First You Don't Suceed, Increase The Amperage"
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