Re: Snow on telly - Results :-(

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> Snow on telly - Results of testing :-(
> Last Monday, I took the day of work to investigate and resolve the
> television interference that my neighbours were experiencing.  There
> was nobody at home,  so it gave me an ideal chance to try the many
> things that were suggested to me by LIST MEMBERS.  I also got a few
> photographs and a bit of video of the coil running.
> For those who like to "cut-to-the-chase",  I was unable to solve the
> TVI problem.  However, if you are interested,  here is a summary of my
> actions and (lack of) results:-
> 1. Tried removing the entire secondary winding and toroid assembly,
>    then running the TC and checking for TV interference.
hank anyone who gave me guidance in this "black art"
> of interference suppresion.  I will keep on the list and will be
> interested to read peoples responses.
> PS. TERRY F, Sorry for such a long post.
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