Re: Primary Coil Under Secondary Coil

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> > This is a bazaar idea.  Has anyone tried putting a primary coil under a
> > secondary coil?
> > PS. Just got home yesterday after spending 2 weeks in Phoenix AZ.
> > Gary Weaver >>
> Gary,
> I've put the primary under the secondary a number of times, it works fine,
> no reason it wouldn't.  Just make sure the coils are no closer than usual
> so they don't arc to each other.
> John Freau

	Since "k" decreases as the secondary is moved above the primary, there
is probably an optimum spacing to give one of the "magic k's".  (Which
probably don't make much difference in the case of relatively small
coupling coefficients and with gaps which don't really "quench" well. 
In practice, I'd just start with them as close together as you can get
without arcing.