Re: Primary Coil INSIDE Secondary Coil

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Jeff Corr" <corr-at-enid-dot-com>
> Ok, what about doing it with the primary INSIDE the secondary?

  Jeff, this is suicide for your coil. think about the magnetic field donut
coming off your primary.  you will have opposite flowing edges of flux lines
contradicting eachother in the lowermost turns of your secondary and you will
get inversed potentials all over the place !  this will result in the
coil arcing over to itself, cancelling itself out, and the most fantastic fire
you have ever seen!  the inside of the secondary should be treated like a
sterile laboratory. there is a high density magnetic field in there, so dont
let anything get inside it....dry it out, seal it up, and keep that primary
coil down low! ;-)

my 3.14159 cents,

Cabbott Sanders