Re: Tesla Records.

> >Not in the range of real large sparks, but I have achieved 104" from a
> >diameter secondary.
> Doh!  I thought hitting a 100" rod once was good!  What power levels were
> you
> running?
>I am using a 5kva transformer, running at about 35 amps.

Whew, now I feel good.  I pull around 30 amps using 4 15kv neons
in parrallel.  Three potted ones (90ma total) and an unpotted one
for a grand total of 141ma.  I guess if you calculate that it was around
2.2kva.  I wonder how exactly I did that, but I know now.  Too wide of
a spark gap, and I've since replaced a poly cap because of it also heh..