Re: Grounding and apartment coilers

Hello apartment coilers,

You might be asking for trouble using the water pipe as a ground if the power
company, telco, etc  connected their ground to the water system. If so, you
would effectively be connecting the RF ground to your utility ground. This
could (it doesn´t have to) fry things like your telephone, etc. 

You might want to think about a twin coil system, like the kind Malcom built a
few years back. In this setup you have a standard tesla coil setup plus a
second resonater (secondary) of the same wavelength. This second coil is
connected to the ground of the "standard" tesla coil secondary (it is not
within the primary coil like the first secondary) and acts as an "virtual" RF
ground. This setup lets you run a coil setup w/o the need for an extra ground.
Why not ask Malcom for more details..........

Coiler greets from germany,

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           Do not ever use your house electrical ground for a tesla or the
 water pipes.  You should drive a big metal steak as far as you can into moist
 ground and use that as the ground.>>
 Good advice for those with houses surrounded by dirt, but we city apartment
 dwellers aren't so lucky.  At the moment, I'm using the steam pipe to the
 apartment radiator; another friend a few blocks away has to use the cold
 David Hutchison