Re: One more thing

to: PearyII

Don't use a solenoid for the primary --- overcoupling will result.  PFC =
power factor correction.   Sec to toroid connect a 3/4 turn spiral off your
sec coil --- then connect with a brass bolt.

If using 8 AWG wire just do it as neatly as you can and form carefully with
your fingers.


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> Subject: One more thing
> Date: Saturday, January 09, 1999 2:10 PM
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> 	Kenny here again...
> 	What is the PFC rating? 
> 	How do you make your connection from the secondary to a toroid? 
> 	Im using #8 AWG wire for my primary. How do I wind it neatly?
> 	Mike mentioned to use a solenoid shape for my primary. What is that?
> 	Thanks again